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Ostacolor-Metal Complex Aluminium
Ostacolor Metal Complex Aluminium Boyalar?/B>

Pattern RYLAN 2 g/l Solubility Heat Resistance Stripping(HNO3) Stripping(HNO3 25% Xenotest
Yellow 3R
Yellow 194
100 g/l 3 2 1 6
Orange R
Orange 142
100 g/l 4 1 1 6
Red 2B
Red 432
100 g/l 4 2 1 5-6
Bordeaux B
Violet 90
30 g/l 3 3 1 6
Olive 2G
Green 121
60 g/l 3 4 2 6
Brown 2R
Brown 365
80 g/l 4 3 2 6-7
Brown B
Brown 355
80 g/l 4 3 1 6